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Luxury Farmlands at White Tree Farmland

Welcome to White Tree Managed Farm Lands, your trusted partner in the world of managed farm land sale near Bangalore, India. We are passionate about transforming the way you experience life, and we believe that the key to a better future lies in creating green havens where you can reside, work, have fun, and indulge in leisure activities.

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What are the Services we provide?

Green Living at Its Best

Our managed farm lands are designed to be your personal paradise, enveloped in lush greenery and surrounded by the serenity of nature. Each plot is carefully curated to provide you with an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Investment for the Future:

When you invest in one of our managed farm lands, you're not just buying property; you're securing your future. Our properties are poised for appreciation, ensuring that your investment grows over time.

Peace and Happiness

Imagine waking up to the symphony of birds, spending evenings under the starry sky, and savoring fresh produce from your own garden. At White Tree Managed Farm Lands, we believe that happiness is found in these simple pleasures, and we're committed to helping you experience them.

Our Master Plan

Unveiling White Tree Managed Farmland: Where Dreams Blossom

"Explore 'Nirvana' Project: Offering expansive 10-acre farmland parcels, this distinctive opportunity is nestled in the scenic locale of Gauribidanur, a mere 45 min drive from the iconic Nandi Hills.


What are the Amenities we provide ?

Enhance your farmland living with curated amenities offered by White Tree managed farmland, redefining countryside luxury.

How to Benefit

Eco-Friendly Farm Lands: North Bangalore

Nourishing lives with nature's bounty, White Tree managed farmland – your destination for wholesome and fresh sustenance.

North Bangalore Farm Lands

Explore curated farm lands in North Bangalore, perfect for retreats, investments, or permanent residences.

Consultation and Guidance

Our experts guide you through the process, from understanding your goals to navigating legal aspects.

Investment Opportunities

Grow your wealth with strategic farm land investments in North Bangalore.

Sustainable Practices

We prioritize eco-conscious land management and responsible development in North Bangalore.

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Embark on Your Farmland Journey Today with White Tree!

Seize the opportunity to own your dream farmland at White Tree managed farmland – Where Nature and Ownership Unite.

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Location Highlights

perfect for a investment or a vacation farmhouse

Fully managed farm land plots with 15+ amenities

Less than 90min from airport

Excellent connectivity by railway and roads

Less than 45min from Iconic Nandi Hills

Located close to State Highway 9

Embrace Nature's Canvas with White Trees - Where Your Dreams Take Root.

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